& Modification

We repair all moulds made by us
or other manufacturers within 5 days

How mould
repair works

We service moulds from any manufacturer. Do you have a crashed mould? We inspect the damage, design a solution that will least affect the lifetime of the mould, and get to work. Less demanding repairs are completed within 5 days. However, we can repair the mould much faster, for example over the weekend should the mould damage cause production downtime. Contact us, we’ll find a solution.


We prepare the data ourselves, CAD / CAM, and suggest the best way of repair.


We use our own chemistry to clean clogged parts and thanks to the tonnage of our crane we can service moulds up to 20 tons.

Damaged moulds

We measure the damaged
shapes and restore the original condition.

2D/3D data

Are the data for your mould lost? We can help. We’re able to measure and process certain parts to repair the mould.


We design and construct the form for you in the 3D software program.


We prepare a single purpose tool in 3D software so you can try it in practice before you run the series.


We carefully repair your crashed moulds. There is no internal stress on steel during welding.

Precision engineering
and machining

We work with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Our experienced technicians work with NC machines, sinkers and wire cutters.

Production and
design of control
and measuring jigs

Inspection and measuring jigs make it easy to check your finished mouldings. We take care of design and production.

Custom made
copper or
graphite electrodes

We produce copper and graphite electrodes necessary for EDM (cavity sinking) machining.

Other services

In addition to producing, repairing and modifying injection moulds and making semi-automatic machines for the automotive, pharmaceutical and technical industries, we also offer other associated services.

Tooling equipment

For production and service of moulds we use besides
common machines such as lathes, round and flat grinding machines,
drills and milling machines as well professional machining centers.

1× CNC
Machining Centre
Fadal VMC 3016

maximum weight on table: 1 241 kg

maximum working range: X-760 | Y-406 | Z-600

1× CNC
Machining Centre
Fadal VMC 6030

maximum weight on table: 1 689 kg

maximum working range: X-1 524 | Y-762 | Z-762

1× CNC
Machining Centre
MAS MCV 1270

maximum weight on table: 1 200 kg

maximum working range: X-1270 | Y-610 | Z-720

1× CNC
Machining Centre

maximum weight on table: 400 kg

maximum working range: X-754 | Y-500 | Z-500

2× EDM
Electro Erosion

1× Hole

Wire Cut

3× Welding
(Laser, Mikro-tig
& Tig)

Each order
is unique

Our clients expect quality products, professionalism and reliability. We establish long-term partnerships.